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King's Peak


A 27 mile, 3 day backpacking trip into the High Uintas. Climbing the highest peak in Utah, King's Peak.


Day 1:

The hike in from Henry's Fork is an easy 8 mile day. When you arrive at Henry's Fork Basin below the peak you have an incredible 360 degree view of a valley that is the home to more wildlife than anywhere I have been. We set up camp near Kitchen Rock for the first night and ate dinner. We were exhausted and just wanted to relax for the evening. There was a pond a few hundred feet below camp where we filled up our water bottles. We weren't the only ones getting water there, a moose had already claimed it that we shared it with. He was patient and waited until we were done until he moved in on the water. Once the stars came out we could see the heavens. The Milky Way was spread across the sky and it was like the universe opened up to us.


Day 2:

Today we left our large packs and tents in camp and took day packs up the rest of the way to the top of King's Peak. It's another 8 mile day up and back to camp. From here you go up through Gunsight Pass and are above the tree line. It was a much harder day than the 1st day. Partly because we were tired from the day before, and partly because we were much higher in elevation. There is plenty of water runoff that you can filter water from throughout the day. Once you get to the final push up to the summit the trail is harder to find and you are climbing over and around boulders to get to the top. Once we were back in camp again we were very tired and just made dinner and went to bed. I got out of my tent in the middle of the night to take some astro photography and I couldn't believe the animals that were surrounding our camp. I had my headlamp with me and turned on the red light to see the reflection of eyes staring back at me. There were at least 20 deer grazing near our camp that night.


Day 3:

Today was just packing up camp, having an early morning breakfast and heading down the mountain. We were tired but sad to leave this beautiful country. We plan to make another trip into that country and spend a few more nights among the stars and animals that call the Henry's Fork Basin home.



This is a hard hike, and is definitely more difficult towards the top. It is about 27 miles out & back. It is dog and horse friendly.